Pregnancy Exercise Programme - Foundation - Week 1-2 - by Octavia Hamilton, Founder and physio.

Polly box press

Hi Warrior,

Congratulations on your pregnancy and for deciding to take part in exercise to optimise yours and your babies health.

You are here as following the test we feel you would benefit from starting on the foundation program. Most pregnancy exercises programs do a set of exercises for each trimester but we recognise that you are all individuals and therefore depending on where you are at you might benefit from different exercises.

You are in the foundation program because you have identified as having done little or no exercise before and or are currently experiencing some pain.

Evidence supports movement and physical activity in pregnancy even if you have never exercised before, from conception right through to birth. However, it is worth understanding how to move, what is good posture and the basics of training in pregnancy.

If you are experiencing pain we would aways recommend you see a physio or your doctor. Often there are some really simple tips, tricks you can do or treatments you can receive that will get you back in track again. That body is going to be changing drastically over the next nine months so don't suffer in silence. Check out our database of local physios or speak to your local team.

So, let's get to work.


This program is designed to be done twice over a fortnight.

Strength takes time to build as does the connection with your mind and body, so work through the classes carefully and systematically. In two weeks you’ll have better motor control. In sex weeks your will be increasing the actual number of muscle fibres. The longer you hold a loaded muscle to the more fibres you will recruit so be mindful, slow and controlled with your movements. The program is 6 weeks long. At the end you can re take the test and see if you are ready to move into the intermediate program.

As always, listen to your body and work with what feels good. If you need to step it back then that is fine. Go back to a class you feel comfortable doing and work at that level from a while. Also, if you don't feel up to exercising that is fine too. Any movement is good and walking with a friend, taking the stairs or a gentle stretch can be enough to get the heart rate up.

Happy training.

Week 1-2

Work through this program at your rate. We believe in choice and variety so this is just a guide but we hope you enjoy the program. Do one video each day and this should meet your optimal amount of exercise advised each week. Repeat the program on the second week, then move onto the week 3-4 program.

Day 1 - Pilates - The Basics followed by Introductory Pilates class - Octavia

Here I go over the fundamentals of Pilates, helping you understand posture, how breath is used to support your loading and stacking your pelvis and ribs to help you get the best out of your work out. We then do a short, low level work out putting together all of the techniques covered in the other introductory videos in the media section. It is a great starting point for any one who hasn't done Pilates before. 20 minutes

Day 2 - Gym - Octavia

Do each set twice with 8-10 reps, a slightly more challenging version you could do if you are happy with your form 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off. This will get our heart rte up too.

Set 1 :Seated Bicep Curls and Seated Marching

Set 2: Standing Chest Press and Squat to Box

Set 3: Shoulder Taps and Swimming Row Level one

Day 3 - Rest day - Breath work - Your First Practice - Laura

Adding in some time to slow down is so important If you can get into the habit now before your baby is born it will make it so much easier to continue to looks after yourself in the future. So sit down and enjoy 5 minutes breath work.

Some information to indulge in Understanding exercise in pregnancy. Worth a watch for all trimesters.

Day 4 - Pilates -Strengthen and Align - Octavia

This is a gentle work out. Keeping legs aligned so brilliant if you are experiencing PGP but still working the core and building strength. If you don't have a ball use a pillow folded in half. If you are finding this is even too much for you with PGP please contact a physio for support. See your local database or contact your GP for support. 25 mins

Day 5 - Yoga - Ground yourself - Hayley

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? Have you had a super busy day mumming and/or working? This class will settle the energy in the body, grounding the nervous system. You’ll finish the class feeling calm and refreshed. 45 mins

Day 6 - Rest day Reassurance, relaxation and release for the first trimester -Susanna and Val

Information from our nutritionist Katy

Eating for two in the first trimester

Eating for two in the second trimester

Eating for two in the third trimester

Day 7: Fitness - Arms and Core - Lauren

This short workout targets the arms and core in a short amount of time!. It focuses on maintaining and developing strength in the upper body and options are given whether you are pregnant or in the post partum stage of your journey. 20


We hope you find this program helpful and informative. Of course there are so many other videos to choose from to learn and move with so do have a browse from out media page and check out the learning hub for other guides.