Empowering women to make informed choices about their emotional, physical and cyclical well-being

XENA believes all women are strong, but strength comes from within and the effort YOU put in.

XENA is a holistic women's health and fitness platform, catering to your physical, emotional, cyclical, and spiritual well-being. It was born out of a desire to empower all woman to take back control of their health and their holistic wellness throughout the pivotal stages of our life journeys.

Most often, what we truly require is the right guidance and support, alongside a gentle nudge to ignite belief in our capabilities. We can provide you with the tools you need to feel confident no matter what life brings you. Through awareness, understanding, confidence and community, there is resilience.

Our ever growing team of XENA experts are here to bring you information and guidance to enable you to thrive and not just simply survive through each stage of life - whether that’s in fertility, pregnancy, birth or postpartum, perimenopause, menopause, recovery, mental wellbeing, we are here to give you the tools you need to nurture your body, mind, and soul AND most importantly, to get you actually using them!

Our extensive library of 400+ videos, pdfs, and audios, as well as our meticulously planned pregnancy and postpartum programmes, aim to cover and support you through every life-defining moment. Think personalised programmes and plans, fitness sessions (live and recorded), nutrition advice and packages, webinars, online and in person events, active community spaces, directories, our very own XENA APP, making accessing our content even easier.

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"Keep your dreams big and your worries small"

Meet Octavia

XENA is my Ikigai.

At the age of 12 I lost my first patch of hair with alopecia. What a ride that would be. After nearly 30 years of losing and gaining and then losing my hair again I learnt that it was down to me to decide how I felt, how I showed up, how I coped and moved forwards. There were tears, sadness, depression and fear. But there was also a determination not to be defined nor held back but this auto immune disease.

As a physiotherapist of 15 years, I often found my strength lay in empowering my clients to believe their body wasn't broken beyond repair, that they had the capability to heal and move forwards.

Then came motherhood.... another curveball. Different but equally seismic. I was blown away by how little I knew about my body even as a physio.

As the founder of XENA I have curated a fabulous team of professionals to help you get the most from your life. Looking after yourself through life changing events, such as puberty, motherhood, menopause, or illness, can be challenging. We desire to thrive, not just survive what life throws at us.

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What you get

A resource you will return to again and again

Exercise: Pilates, yoga, fitness, gym, barre - targeted to your ability

Advice and support: from leading healthcare professionals in their field

Bolt-ons: Specialist courses for when you need more specific advice

Learning hub: read, research and compare

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Octavia the physio teaching pregnant woman pilates in high kneeling position

"XENA has undoubtedly changed my life. I have had the privilege of working alongside Octavia to become the first ever tester of XENA. I started off the journey with many private symptoms and struggles following the traumatic birth of my first daughter, 2 years ago, which were exacerbated when my second was born. I have so far completed phases 1 & 2 and have seen a huge transformation in myself physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. This programme has helped me in every way possible and I can't wait to see the future 'me' when I reach the end goal. It's been easy enough to follow the videos from the comfort of my own home and yet challenging enough to keep me motivated and enthused to move onto the next phase. Thank you so much Octavia, I never thought I'd be able to come this far 6 months postpartum" First mother to trial the postpartum rehab.

Xena platform had been great, the content is exactly what women need during and after pregnancy which is just not available enough. The info in the video section definitely gave me the confidence in my choice of a home birth, honestly felt so empowered using the hypnobirthing mindset and I loved listening to someone else's positive experience of a homebirth. The exercise routines are great, lots of variety and makes you realise there is so much more you can do exercise-wise at each stage. You are so naturally encouraging its lovely. I feel my recovery this time around has been a much more positive experience and even though I'm a physio it's nice to be told what exercises to do and to be the patient for a change. I have recommended your platform to loads of women already.