Exercise and information for pregnancy and postpartum

Exercise is the best medicine, especially when paired with simple biohacking and education.

XENA is a holistic women's health and fitness platform, catering to your physical, emotional, cyclical, and spiritual well-being.

Our extensive library of 200+ videos, pdfs, and audios aims to cover every life-defining moment, starting with pregnancy to postpartum.

Delve into exercise routines, expert advice, and tools to nurture your body, mind, and soul.

Explore our shop, podcast, and events to connect with a supportive community.

Together, we empower women, harnessing the strength of unity. Join us on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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"Keep your dreams big and your worries small"

Meet Octavia

I am a mother of two little girls, a physiotherapist of 15 years, and the founder of XENA. I have curated a fabulous team of professionals to help you get the most from your life.

Looking after yourself through life changing events, such as puberty, motherhood, menopause, or illness, can be challenging. We desire to thrive, not just survive what life throws at us.

Through regaining trust and confidence in our bodies, with an open mind, seeking answers, we can gain an understanding of our options, helping us take back control.

You’ll have to work at it, no doubt, but with the right attitude, habits, and support you can improve your experience and we are here to help you.

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What you get

A resource you will return to again and again

Exercise: Pilates, yoga, fitness, gym, barre - targeted to your ability

Advice and support: from leading healthcare professionals in their field

Bolt-ons: Specialist courses for when you need more specific advice

Learning hub: read, research and compare

XENAlife podcast

Shop: products we have tried and tested



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The Team

Introducing your Women's Health Experts

Fitness Professionals

Octavia Hamilton

Octavia Hamilton


Lauren Youell

Lauren Youell

Personal Trainer

Headshot of Niki Lemon

Niki Lemon

Yoga Teacher

Healthcare Providers

Susanna Dunnett

Susanna Dunnett

Hypnopbirthing and birth preparation

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Valentine Gardener

Valentine Gardener

Hypnobirthing and birth preparation

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Liz Noonan

Liz Noonan


Kind Words!
Double quotemark
Octavia the physio teaching pregnant woman pilates in high kneeling position

"XENA has undoubtedly changed my life. I have had the privilege of working alongside Octavia to become the first ever tester of XENA. I started off the journey with many private symptoms and struggles following the traumatic birth of my first daughter, 2 years ago, which were exacerbated when my second was born. I have so far completed phases 1 & 2 and have seen a huge transformation in myself physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. This programme has helped me in every way possible and I can't wait to see the future 'me' when I reach the end goal. It's been easy enough to follow the videos from the comfort of my own home and yet challenging enough to keep me motivated and enthused to move onto the next phase. Thank you so much Octavia, I never thought I'd be able to come this far 6 months postpartum" First mother to trial the postpartum rehab.

“What was a really pleasant outcome from our learnings was just how critical hypnobirthing is for the birthing partner (the father in our case) as it gives you knowledge and tools to be the best partner and advocate for the mother during the pregnancy and birth. Susanna gives so much attention to detail, and most importantly: she truly cares about her clients and ensuring you have the best possible chance of a positive birth experience, and prepares you for any outcome thoroughly. As the course continued, we felt more and more confident and both had an increasingly positive mindset of the exciting event to come. During the birth, we felt empowered and in control, and had such a positive outcome." From a Father who attended Hypnobirthing classes with Susanna