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Exercise in pregnancy
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Enabling women make informed health decisions

You do have a choice, you just need to know what options there are.  

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. How often do you reflect back and think, “I wish I had known that at the time? “

The gender health gap is gaping, and there is still so far to go in-terms of educating women about their anatomy, hormones, and fertility. 

XENA aims to change that. 

Our expert multidisciplinary team is passionate about teaching women about their bodies, offering explanations, tips and treatments to ensure you have a better experience. We believe giving you understanding of your body will give you confidence in the decisions you make and therefore resilience in your body and mind, no matter what comes up for you. 

Through regaining trust and confidence in our bodies, with an open mind, seeking answers, we can gain an understanding of our options, helping us take back control.

You’ll have to work at it, no doubt, but with the right attitude, habits, and support you can improve your experience and we are here to help you.

Exercise is the best medicine, especially when paired with simple biohacking and education.

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It’s not what you see but how you see it


Do you ever feel like you don’t even know your own body? That you don't understand the processes occurring, the signs of changes or even what you can do to help?

Making an informed choice about your healthcare comes from understanding, what your choices are and what are the pros and cons with each option.

XENA provides unbiased evidence based information to give you a panoramic view of your condition and the choices ahead of you. 

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Belief in your desires and ability


There is so much information available at your fingertips. But that can cause confusion and hesitation. 

Long ago we lived in villages, surrounded by trusted elders and loved ones who had been there and done that. Who taught us as we grew and guided us to trust our instincts before we then became the teacher. 

Now we live more isolated lives, keen to prove our ability to do it alone. But we still go through the same struggles and at times need support. 

XENA brings together the trusted village you desire and need. We have done the research. Our team has worked alongside each other and been referring to each other for years. You can not deny the benefit of strength in numbers.

We are a trusted network of all of the support you need during pregnancy, birth and recovery.

Be like bamboo


"But I am not strong" we hear you say.

YES you are.

Women endure so much. Periods, fertility, birth, recovery from birth, perimenopause, menopause. Not to mention the gender health and wealth gap.

Even when you are in pain, at a loss, depressed , lost - you keep going. You are nurturers, grafters, carers, mothers. You are delicate, beautiful, gentle, creative. You are bold, selfless and enduring.

XENA believes all women are strong.

Strength can come in many forms.

Acknowledging, accepting, changing, learning or remaining. Resilience is key to strength and we hope to boost your own inner abilities .

We want to provide the understanding and the tools for you to feel confident with the decisons you are faced with and thus have resilience for whatever life brings you.

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