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Eating for two: Second Trimester

About this course

Navigating the complexities of pregnancy can indeed be overwhelming, especially when bombarded with a plethora of information. To alleviate this stress, consider tuning into a helpful mini-series featuring registered nurse and nutritional therapist, Katy Bradbury.

In this series, Katy expertly guides viewers through the fundamentals of pregnancy nutrition across all three trimesters. Specifically, this video installment focuses on trimester two, providing invaluable insights and practical advice tailored to this stage of pregnancy.

By watching, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the dietary requirements and nutritional considerations essential for supporting both maternal health and fetal development during this crucial period.

Don't let the abundance of information leave you feeling lost; let Katy's expertise empower you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy nutrition. Tune in to enhance your knowledge and confidence as you navigate the journey of pregnancy.