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Favourite Video

Postnatal Rehab: Phase One: Reconnecting and Breathwork. Part Five- Reconnect and Activate

About this course

This is where we slowdown and breathe and fire up the tummy for the first time. A critical part of recovery. Resetting the breath in lying is a great way to get the pelvic floor to resent with the diaphragm, something that is very important for good core control. The breathing helps with gentle activation of the abdominals.

This is a great video if you have had a c-section. It is safe to breath and do light activation. It is also a gentle beginning to scar massage using the breath to getting things moving inside.

This is the absolute foundation of recovery and though sems easy if this part is missed it can lead to all sort of problems further down the line. For optomised recovery, pelvic health and strength dont miss your foundations :)

8 mins