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Postnatal Rehab: Phase One: Reconnecting and Breathwork: Part 6 - Lower Abs

About this course

In Phase One of postnatal rehabilitation, the focus is on reconnecting with your body and integrating breathwork to aid in recovery and strengthening after childbirth. Part 6 of this phase targets the lower abdominal muscles, which are often weakened during pregnancy and childbirth.

By prioritising your health and embracing self-care practices, you empower yourself to feel strong and resilient after giving birth. Incorporating breathwork exercises into your routine helps deepen your mind-body connection, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Strengthening the lower abs is crucial for improving core stability, posture, and overall strength. These exercises are designed to activate and tone the muscles while also supporting the pelvic floor.

Through consistent postnatal rehabilitation, you can regain confidence in your body's abilities and enhance your overall well-being. By dedicating time to prioritise your health and engage in self-care practices, you lay the foundation for a strong, empowered postpartum recovery journey.

20 mins

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