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Postnatal Rehab: Phase one: Reconnecting and Breathwork: Part 3 - Pelvic Floor Assessment

About this course

Assessing the functionality of your pelvic floor is a crucial aspect of postnatal rehabilitation and overall women's health. While the gold standard involves comprehensive internal examinations and thorough postural assessments, these may not always be feasible or accessible for everyone. Therefore, Octavia provides two simple and effective tests that offer valuable insights into your pelvic floor function.

Incorporating breathwork into your postnatal rehabilitation routine enhances your ability to reconnect with your body and promote healing after childbirth. By prioritising your health and embracing self-care practices, you empower yourself to feel strong and resilient in the postpartum period.

These quick and easy pelvic floor assessments serve as valuable tools for monitoring your progress and guiding your rehabilitation journey. By taking proactive steps to assess and address pelvic floor function, you can optimise your postnatal recovery and enhance your overall well-being.

15 mins