Returning to exercise after birth. Part Two


Welcome back!

Hopefully you are feeling slightly more connected to our breath, pelvic floor and core. We now start to activate the core muscles helping you build strength from the inside out. Returning to exercise after birth can be a slow process. But do it in the right order and you are setting yourself up to move smoothly through the stages.

Lets start with a nice stretch :)


Part One - Stretch

You might notice your body feels stiff after your birth. This is a great gentle stretching program to ease the joints and reconnect. . 10 mins

Part Two - Supine Lower Abs

Starting to fire up the upper and lower abdominals. This is a very gentle work out but it needs some concentration. 20 mins

Part Three - Supine Bridge

Starting to fire up the core. Great for early rehab and safe for diastasis, pelvic organ prolapse or c-section. 15 mins

Part Four - Side Lie

Getting the glutes fired up in a side lie position. Lovely upper back stretch for a rest too. 25 mins

Part Five - Four Point Kneeling

Coming into four point kneeling we start to get some core control. It's not as easy as it looks. Short workout but targeting the whole body. 15 mins.

Part Six - Standing

Connecting back to core. Moving up into standing we start to work on standing on one leg. Short workout to really activate the glutes. 14 mins.

To really see benefits your should be working out two or three times a week and all adequate time for strength to build. I would expect that would would start to see improvements in