Top 5 non-alcoholic drinks to get you through pregnancy and perimenopause

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Whether you have stopped drinking due because you are pregnant or for health reasons. We have done the research for you to help you find the best non-alcoholic drinks on the market.

Thankfully there are so many great non-alcoholic options pregnant women so you are not left drinking water or lemonade. You can now find healthy, low calorie non alcoholic options and the taste great.

Why have I stopped drinking alcohol?

I stopped for a variety of reasons, but my hormones was a factor. In 2022 I found my Oestrogen levels were super high. Your liver helps breakdown Oestrogen so reducing or stopping can really help this. I had someone very close to me who had breast cancer and knowing that you can get oestrogen positive breast cancer I felt it would be wise to pause for a little.

Amazingly my hormonal symptoms are so much better since I have stopped. Reduced mood swings, less tender breasts, lighter more regular periods, better energy, less anxious and weight loss ... boundless benefits.

It's the festive season and I have been out, a lot as one does. I managed to enjoy my favourite cocktail in a non-alcoholic version: an old fashion. It honestly took as long as real one to make helping keep the authenticity and the ritual. More restaurants and bars are offering the non-alcoholic beverages and it’s not just the pregnant mamas now enjoying these drinks. 

At a time when there are so many aspects of health we are encouraged to focus on. Fitness, nutrition, mental health and cutting alcohol actually feels like the least work.

Want to hear more? Here is my interview with the BBC about my first sober Christmas.

Here are some of the fab non alcoholic alternatives I have found in the last 12 weeks that I am really enjoying. 

Best non-alcoholic drinks I have found to date!

Cocktail alternatives:


This is a totally new one for me. What I love is it isn’t trying to be something else. It’s a a botanical mix and truly delicious. It feels like an adult drink and the slice of orange really brings out the flavour. This is my absolute favourite.


This drink has GABA, a neurotransmitter responsible for those sensations of sociability – meaning you can come together and connect, with a good drink. This is a delicious alternative and has some extra benefits. It should be said that you actually can't have this if you are pregnant but it will be fine for non drinkers stopping for health reasons.


These re fantastic cocktail alternatives. If mixology is your thing these are your tipple. They blend perfectly to make some really quite convincing alternatives.

Soft drinks:


I met Eirian the founder at a sober rave. Yup they exist. She made this beautiful brand after being fed up of sickly sweet non-alcoholic alternatives. They are flavoured water or seltzers and have an amazing array of vitamins and adaptogens offing many benefits to your health, skin, or energy levels whilst you consume. Giving you our daily recommended allowance for Vitamin B7, 12, 6 and Retinol and Hydronic acid meaning this is a great one to have in your fridge. A lovely healthy and low calorie non-alcoholic drink.

Sparkling Wine

When it comes to wine it’s a funny one for me. Nothing is going to beat a delicious crisp glass of white Rioja. Or a classic Burgundy. But they are getting better. I havnt tried a still red or white non-alcoholic wine yet. But I have sampled some sparkling options as I did live on a bottle of fizz and the ritual of opening the bottle. The pop. Love it.  There are so many options of non alcoholic sparkling wines now. They are not bad at all and served in a champagne glass also helps one feel like you are getting involved.



Wild Idol


When it comes to Kombucha this was a total new experience for me. Introduced to me by Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel from the synthesis clinic. We had a bottle of Royal Flush at the our work retreat. 

Again giving the joy of the pop when you open the bottle and a truly palatable alternate.

Too much choice??

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