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Postnatal rehab: Phase Two - Core Control. Part Five: Four Point Kneeling

About this course

In postnatal rehabilitation, focusing on core control is paramount for rebuilding strength and stability after childbirth. Transitioning into four-point kneeling position is a foundational step toward reestablishing core engagement. Despite its seemingly simple appearance, mastering core control in this position requires mindful effort and concentration.

This short yet effective workout targets not only the core muscles but also engages the entire body. By prioritising your health and embracing self-care practices, such as postnatal rehabilitation, you empower yourself on your journey to feeling strong and confident after giving birth.

As part of women's health resilience, postnatal rehabilitation plays a vital role in promoting overall well-being and empowering women during the postpartum period. By dedicating time to rehabilitative exercises like core control movements, you pave the way for a smoother recovery and a stronger, healthier body.

15 mins.

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