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Postnatal Rehab: Phase Two: Core Control - Part Six - Standing

About this course

In postnatal rehabilitation, reconnecting with the core muscles is essential for regaining strength and stability after childbirth. As part of this process, transitioning from floor exercises to standing movements helps integrate core activation into daily activities.

By incorporating breath work techniques, you can enhance your mind-body connection and support the rebuilding of strength in the core muscles. This holistic approach to postnatal recovery promotes a sense of empowerment and resilience in women's health.

As you prioritise your health and well-being, engaging in self-care practices becomes crucial. Short but effective workouts, like the one focusing on activating the glutes while standing on one leg, offer a convenient way to integrate exercise into your routine while caring for your postpartum body.

By dedicating time to postnatal rehabilitation and embracing self-care practices, you lay the foundation for feeling strong and confident in your postpartum journey.