Pregnancy Exercise Program - Advanced - Week 3-4 - By Octavia, Founder and Physio

Polly cable row

Welcome to the weeks 3-4 of the Advanced programme.

As strength takes time to build we won’t change the level of exercise too much at this point. We will keep doing more of the same so you continue to gain confidence and control in your movements.


Day 1: Pilates - Hip Openers - Octavia

Hips get notoriously tight through pregnancy as our posture changes. This is a great workout to open the joints, helping you target your glutes better. 20 mins

Day 2: Yoga - Ground Yourself - Hayley

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? Have you had a super busy day mumming and/or working? This class will settle the energy in the body, grounding the nervous system. You’ll finish the class feeling calm and refreshed. 45 mins

Day 3: Pilates - Glute Burn - Octavia

Delicious glute and core workout, targeting the obliques and shoulder too. You should feel the burn. 25 mins

Day 4: Rest day - This video Hydrating in Pregnancy by the Food Doula, Kate Longdon and accompanying 'hydrating in pregnancy' pdf (with prinatable smoothie framework) is a walk through of different ways we can hydrate during pregnancy, an often overlooked method of cramming key minerals and nutrients in! 

Day 5 Gym - Octavia

Do each set twice. 8-10 reps of the exercise or 15-20 seconds on. Or for a more intense work out do 30 seconds on 10 seconds rest.

Set 1 : Lunge and press followed by Shadow boxing

Set 2 : Standing chest press followed by Sumo Squat

Set 3: Box press followed by curtsy lunge

Day 6: Rest day - Breathwork -Thank You and Let Go - Laura

Give your body permission to relax so you can soften and release tension. Laura from Be Modern Mediation offers a lovely breathwork session to help you let go.

Day 7 Pilates - High Tempo - Octavia

Picking up the pace to get the heart rate up. Lovely strength and cardio program. Weights and water are needed.

We hope you find this program helpful and informative. Of course there are so many other videos to choose from to learn and move with so do have a browse on our media page and check out the learning hub for other guides.

If you are ready to move onto week 5 and 6 :)