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Hip Openers and Glutes

About this course

During pregnancy, the hips often become tight due to changes in posture, and without proper attention, this tightness may persist postpartum. Combatting this issue requires targeted exercises, such as hip openers and glute-focused workouts, to promote flexibility and relieve discomfort.

This workout is specifically designed to open the hip joints, facilitating better targeting of the glute muscles. By incorporating hip-opening exercises, you can alleviate tightness and improve mobility, aiding in the prevention of postpartum hip and lower back pain. Additionally, targeting the glutes can provide relief from sciatic pain and further support overall lower back health.

Whether you're pregnant, postpartum, or simply seeking to alleviate hip and lower back discomfort, this workout offers an effective solution to enhance flexibility and alleviate discomfort. Embrace the opportunity to prioritise your hip and glute health with this targeted workout routine.

20 mins