Pregnancy exercise programme - Foundation - Week 3-4 By Octavia, founder and physio

Stretch pregnancy

Welcome to the weeks 3-4 of the foundation programme.

As strength takes time to build we won’t change the level of exercise too much at this point. We will keep doing more of the same so you continue to gain confidence and control in your movements. Any concerns with pain I would highly recommend you see your local physio from our database or contact your GP for support.

Work through this program at your rate. We believe in choice and variety so this is just a guide but we hope you enjoy the program. Do one video each day and this should meet your optimal amount of exercise advised each week. Repeat the program on the second week, then move onto the week 5-6 program.


Day 1 - Pilates - Move and Revive - Octavia

A relaxing whole body stretch. Move your body and feel great. Brilliant for pregnancy or postpartum. 20 mins 

Day 2 - Gym - Octavia

Do each set twice with 8-10 reps, a slightly more challenging version you could do if you are happy with your form 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off. This will get our heart rate up too.

Set 1 : Box Press and Over head Plate Squat

Set 2: Triceps and Swimming Row Level One

Set 3: Shadow Box and Bent Over Row

Day 3 - Rest day - Breathwork - Rest in the Moment - Laura

A gentle reset for busy lives 10 mins

Some information to indulge in by Katy Bradury our resident nutritionist seven common pregnancy complaints and how to eat your way out of them

Day 4 - Pilates -Full Body Tone - Octavia

A short but comprehensive full-body workout with 1kg weights. Grab your cans, and let's fire everything up, followed by a quick stretch. 15 mins

Day 5 - Yoga - Yoga for Pelvic Floor - Hayley

Fed up of doing Kegels with no effect? Try this yoga flow and learn how to tone and keep your pelvic floor muscles healthy. Pelvic Floor and deep core health are vital during pregnancy and the postnatal period. 45 mins

Day 6 - Rest day - Deciding where to give birth - Susanna and Val

Deciding where to give birth: What's right for you can be a tricky decision and comes with many questions but Susanna and Val are here to guide you through. 7mins

The key is choosing what is right for you. Here is a downloadable resource from the amazing Val and Susanna to help you make the decision about what's right for you?

Day 7: Fitness - Move with Bump - Lauren

A fitness class specifically designed for when you are expecting. It is mainly aerobic style movements for all stages of pregnancy and all fitness levels. It will increase hr to a safe level and help maintain levels of fitness during pregnancy. 40 mins


We hope you find this program helpful and informative. Of course there are so many other videos to choose from to learn and move with so do have a browse from out media page and check out the learning hub for other guides.