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Yoga for Pelvic Floor

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If you're tired of ineffective Kegel exercises, consider incorporating yoga into your routine to prioritise your health and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles effectively. This yoga flow is specifically designed to target and tone the pelvic floor muscles, providing a holistic approach to maintaining their health and functionality.

Pelvic floor and deep core health are essential, especially during pregnancy and the postnatal period, as they support vital bodily functions and help prevent issues like urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. By practicing yoga regularly, you'll not only improve your pelvic floor strength but also enhance overall flexibility, balance, and well-being. Embrace this opportunity to prioritise your health and invest in a practice that nurtures both your physical and mental wellness.

Join this yoga flow and unlock the transformative benefits of holistic pelvic floor care through the power of yoga. 45 mins