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Introduction to Pilates Supine Lie

About this course

Incorporating proper pelvic and rib control while lying on your back is essential for developing abdominal strength in your Pilates program.

This fundamental aspect ensures that you engage the correct muscles effectively, promoting both safety and efficacy during your workouts. By mastering pelvic and rib control techniques, you can optimise the benefits of abdominal exercises and support your recovery or strength journey.

This video can provides valuable guidance on refining your form and enhancing the effectiveness of your Pilates routine. Investing time and attention into understanding and practicing these foundational principles empowers you to progress safely and efficiently toward your fitness goals.

Prioritising self-care through mindful movement and proper alignment fosters a sense of well-being and empowerment as you build strength. Embrace the importance of pelvic and rib control in your Pilates practice, and unlock the full potential of your abdominal strength and overall physical vitality.

5 minutes