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Hannah Poulton, Womens Health Physiotherapist. How to prepare for your c-section

About this course

When prioritising self-care during birth preparation, seeking insights from experts like Hannah Poulton, a women's health physiotherapist, can be incredibly beneficial. Hannah offers valuable advice and top tips to help expecting mothers prepare for their upcoming c-sections.

From practical suggestions on what to pack in your hospital bag to advocating for a gentle birth experience, Hannah provides comprehensive guidance to empower women in achieving the birth they desire. Her expertise covers various aspects of c-section preparation, including physical and emotional readiness, pain management strategies, and postoperative care.

By prioritising their health and well-being and incorporating Hannah's insights into their birth plans, women can approach their c-sections with confidence and peace of mind. Hannah's tips serve as a valuable resource for expectant mothers seeking to optimise their birth experiences and ensure a smooth transition into motherhood.

5 mins