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Hannah Poulton, Womens Health Physiotherapist. How to Prepare for Your C-Section

About this course

prioritising self-care during birth preparation, gaining pregnancy insights from experts like Hannah Poulton, a renowned women's health physiotherapist, is invaluable. Hannah offers comprehensive guidance on how to best prepare for an upcoming c-section, whether it's planned or unexpected.

With Hannah's expertise, expecting mothers can gain a deeper understanding of the c-section procedure, empowering them to feel more in control and make informed decisions about their birth experience. By prioritising their health and seeking guidance from professionals like Hannah, women can approach c-sections with confidence and preparedness.

Hannah provides practical tips and insights to help women navigate the c-section process smoothly, including pre-operative preparation, postoperative care, and strategies for optimal recovery. Through Hannah's guidance, expecting mothers can enhance their self-care practices and ensure a positive and empowering birth experience for both themselves and their babies.

5 mins