Diastasis in pregnancy. By Octavia Hamilton, Founder & Physio.

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As you may or not know as the baby in your tummy grows your abdominals muscle separate to allow for this. This is a normal phenomenon. but should be protected to prevent excessive stretching.

During the second or third trimester, you might see a bulge or ridge developing on your tummy above and below the bellybutton. It might be most noticeable when you’re trying to use your ab muscles to stand, sit up, or lie down.

It can be one of the causes of pelvic girdle pain or lower back pain so it is worth protecting and understanding how to manage it and not strain further


So there are some simple things you can do.

1: Know how to breath

This is key as activating your transverse abdominals with help with a closing action around the midline of the stomach. Then when you load through the area it will be more protected.

2: Modify what it is you are doing around the home

You may notice you get the doming when you are moving about your home, in and out of a bath, out of bed, off the sofa. Small techniques can take the strain of the area helping protect it.

3: Form when exercising

So now thinking about your exercise regime. Once you have mastered your breathing. The next most important thing is having a good understanding of where you are at. Form is key!

You might find that when you are lifting, or loading you start to get bulging. My advice would be to step it back a little. If you are planking, try going down onto your knees, or into a box (leg pull). You can still work hard but at an easier level, one you can control.

Sit ups….. there are so many better abdominal exercises than sit ups. Check out our many core videos for options to help you train.

Here we have a great video talking you through all of the things we discuss here with some options of strengthening exercises.


Also, as always, seek help if you are not sure. Ask someone who does know!