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Diastasis in Pregnancy

About this course

In discussions surrounding health choices for women and prioritising self-care during pregnancy, understanding and addressing diastasis is crucial. While it's commonly discussed in the postpartum period, it's also essential to address it if noticed during pregnancy. Octavia provides valuable insights into protecting and even strengthening the midline during pregnancy through simple techniques.

Octavia emphasises the importance of incorporating breath work, modifying movements such as getting in and out of bed (which is beneficial for those who have had or are planning a c-section), and implementing modifications in strengthening exercises if doming is observed during training. By following Octavia's guidance, expecting mothers can take proactive steps to mitigate the effects of diastasis recti during pregnancy, promoting abdominal health and overall well-being.

For comprehensive pregnancy insights and support on managing diastasis, Octavia's advice offers practical strategies to optimise maternal health and comfort throughout pregnancy.

15 mins.