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Folate Vs Folic Acid

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Understanding the distinction between folate and folic acid is crucial for women making informed health choices, particularly during preconception and pregnancy. In this insightful discussion led by our nutritionist Bean, you'll gain valuable insights into the differences between these essential vitamins and their respective roles in supporting women's health.

Folate, a naturally occurring form of vitamin B9 found in foods like leafy greens and legumes, plays a vital role in DNA synthesis and cell division, making it essential for fetal development and preventing neural tube defects. On the other hand, folic acid is a synthetic form of vitamin B9 commonly found in supplements and fortified foods.

Bean delves into the importance of choosing the right form of vitamin B9, whether through dietary sources rich in folate or supplements containing folic acid, to ensure optimal health outcomes for women. By prioritising self-care and understanding the nuances between folate and folic acid, women can make informed decisions to support their overall well-being and reproductive health.