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Diet Fundamentals: Balance your Blood Sugar

About this course

In this informative session, nutritional therapist Bean provides valuable insights into supporting women's health through proper nutrition during pregnancy. By focusing on the essential principles of pregnancy nutrition, Bean guides women in making informed health choices that can positively impact their hormonal balance, mood, and energy levels.

Understanding the importance of self-care during pregnancy, Bean emphasises the role of nutrition in nurturing both the mother and the developing baby. By adopting simple yet effective dietary practices, women can optimise their nutrient intake to support overall well-being and promote a healthy pregnancy.

With Bean's expert guidance, women can learn how to tailor their diet to meet their specific nutritional needs during pregnancy, ensuring adequate support for hormonal balance and energy levels. By prioritising self-care and making informed health choices, women can enhance their pregnancy experience and lay a foundation for optimal maternal and fetal health.

20 mins