Pregnancy nourishment visions and intentions versus reality. By Kate, The Food Doula.

Eating in pregnancy

Pregnancy nourishment visions and intentions versus reality 

You may have had visions and intentions of you in pregnancy, of smashing it, glowing, being the healthiest you possibly could be to ensure the baby was getting everything it needed AND MORE.. But pregnancy can take many twists and turns, there is no way of predicting how our bodies and minds will cope with the strain of growing a human. So let’s take a step back, you may not be eating really ‘well’. You’re so tired you can’t even consider making good food for yourself each day. 

Pregnancy has a really good way of showing us to SURRENDER to what your body needs , a great preparation for motherhood in general. 


Those lines were presented to you, the two lines that affirm your body is now the proud vessel of a new resident. A little person who you’ll nurture and nourish internally until their transition from wombiverse to universe takes place.

It’s quite possible that one of the first things that simmered in your mind, aside from excitement, wonder, awe, pride, nerves, anxiety, apprehension and compelling urges to keep checking there are in fact, two lines and you haven’t imagined it, may well have be the reassessment of what you consume now you have a tiny passenger.

Regarding cooking and consuming its good to use the same mantra that is helpful and important  across your pregnancy and parenting journey.  ‘Informed is best, I decide the rest’. This is a message I continue to come back to for all sorts of choice making situations, of which parenthood seems to be riddled with, regarding ‘the way you do things’. Doing your own thorough research then turning off the headphones and taking the microphone for decisions you feel are right for you, and your baby and your family is so important. 

Tuning into my intuition and listening to my body never felt so important than in my first pregnancy and has continued to be paramount to managing my mind. Looking after yourself with soft speak and the kind advice you would give others and giving yourself a BREAK starts now. The healthiest ‘diet’ I believe you can give yourself right now is lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) and increasing calm. You are providing all your baby needs and more. 


So, if you are eating all the beige, not able to stomach much else.. know that your baby will be getting all it needs from you, from your nutrient stores. It is your own stores which will become depleted. Now of course this is not a ‘baby will be okay, you’ll suffer and thats okay because as pregnant and birthing people it is our duty to sacrifice ourselves.’

NO NO! What I’m saying, if if you are anxious you are not giving your baby what it needs, you are. And now its about meeting yourself where you are and then  making small changes if and when you can to build in more foods to build up your own stores ahead of postpartum. Using ‘I’m working on’ instead of 'I should’. ‘Im working on adding a bit more protein in when I can’ not ‘I should be doing this/shouldnt be doing that’.Because this language is shaming and riddled with guilt, not kindness and care.

So deep breath, you’re doing amazing. A smoothie is a great way you can cram in so much nutritional value, if you are finding it hard to stomach solids. You can tick off a surprising amount of food groups all whizzed up into a glass. (See my hydrating in pregnancy PDF!) 

Link to hydrating in pregnancy

Over and out baby builders. 

Kate, The Food Doula