Charities and Support for Women, Mothers and Families


Welcome to XENA, where our mission is to empower women through knowledge, support, and community. In line with our commitment to enhancing women's health and well-being, we're excited to introduce a specially curated list of resources aimed at supporting women in various aspects of their lives. This blog post is your gateway to a world of information and assistance designed to uplift, educate, and empower women everywhere.

From health and wellness to family support, professional development, and beyond, our comprehensive guide connects you with organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women. Whether you're seeking advice on reproductive health, looking for community outreach programs, in need of psychological support, or exploring opportunities for professional growth, this list is a testament to the myriad ways in which we can support one another.

We believe in the power of informed choices and the strength of a community that stands together. By providing access to these valuable resources, XENA aims to empower women to navigate the challenges and opportunities of life with confidence and resilience.

We hope you find this resource helpful what ever you are going through.

Websites: Women’s Birth Support


Birth Queen is rising up to fight the Black maternal health crisis, on a mission to train and educate Black birth workers and support and empower Black parents. By doing this we will save the lives of Black mamas and babies!

Birthrights exists to protect your human rights during pregnancy and childbirth

Campainging for better births for all

Websites: Domestic Violence and Abuse Support


Women’s Aid is the national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children. As a federation we provide life-saving services across England while building a future where domestic

Refuge is the largest domestic abuse organisation in the UK. On any given day our services support thousands of women and their children, helping them to overcome the physical, emotional, financial and logistical impacts of abuse and rebuild their lives — free from fear.

Aurora New Dawn is a feminist led charity dedicated to ending violence against women and children, and hidden violence. Since 2011, Aurora New Dawn has offered safety, support, advocacy, and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking.

I Choose Freedom is a charity that provides refuge and a path to freedom for survivors of domestic abuse. We have three refuges that house women and children. As part of our Refuge for All project, we also offer self-contained units to support any survivor.

We believe in a world without child marriage, where girls and women enjoy equal status with boys and men, and can achieve their full potential. Together we have the will, the know-how and the organisational strength to make this vision a reality.

We are passionate about ensuring that every person has the opportunity to live their lives free from domestic abuse. We provide free and confidential services to support people who are currently experiencing or have previously experienced domestic abuse. With our support, survivors of domestic abuse can reclaim their lives and choose the future they want.

Websties: Survivor Support


We give Survivors of trafficking and torture the strength to move on. With an all encompassing care for the whole journey, survivors have the dignity, strength and freedom to live their lives to the fullest.


Websites: Woman and Child Empowerment


Working to give every child the best start in life. We work to inform and empower parents who want to maximise their children's long-term development and well-being.


The mission of Women Supporting Women is simple: to nurture, empower and inspire young women to build a better future for themselves.

Websites: Women’s rights


We believe that parents need, and deserve, answers when their babies die. Tommy’s exists to answer these questions through funding ground-breaking research.

We work with policymakers, employers and employees to influence and enable action to address the causes of women’s inequality at work.

The Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights at work, at home and in public life. Our vision is a society in which women and girls in all their diversity are equal and truly free to fulfill their potential creating a stronger, happier, better future for us all.


Shifting power and resources to grassroots women's organisations.


40 years of challenging gender inequality in sport, of proving the need for change, of tireless campaigning zeal.

Websites: Women’s After-Birth Support


Friendly breastfeeding support from pregnancy onwards.

We are advocates for women and aim to change the lives of those injured during childbirth.

Our vision is a society where mums, parents and families are able to make informed decisions about breastfeeding, to access help when they need it and to become confident in their choices.

SUPPORTING PARENTS WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED BIRTH TRAUMA. Working towards a world where fewer parents are traumatised by the experience of birth

Websites: Child illness and loss support


If you've had a premature or sick baby we have information to support you.

Supporting parents and families after a Stillbirth, Neonatal death, Miscarriage or Medical Termination.

A national charity that works to improve the lives of women who have had – or are at risk of having – more than one child removed from their care, and the services and systems that affect them.

Websites: Mothers’ Mental Health Support


We offer maternal mental health and wellbeing support, advice and information to women, birthing people and their families in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. As mothers who have lived experience of depression, anxiety and isolation during pregnancy or after the birth our one or more of our babies, we understand how hard early parenthood can feel and how difficult it can be to ask for help.

The Angela Harrison Charitable Trust is a registered charity which aims to help women and their families by raising awareness and providing information about postnatal depression/illness.

Peer support for Mums and Birthing People.,the%20best%20start%20in%20life.

MumsAid is an award-winning charity providing pregnant women and new mums with specialist counselling for emotional or mental health difficulties. Our vision is of a society where all mothers are supported with giving their babies the best start in life.

We are here, whatever the weather, to offer hope, empathy and support for every parent or network affected by perinatal mental illness.

The Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) is a UK charity and network of over 125 organisations, dedicated to ensuring women and families affected by perinatal mental health problems have access to high-quality, compassionate care.

A list of maternal mental health services, research and creative media to support practitioners.

Postpartum depression is not a character flaw or a weakness. Sometimes it's simply a complication of giving birth. If you have postpartum depression, prompt treatment can help you manage your symptoms and help you bond with your baby.

Websites: Disadvantaged situational support


Our mission is to provide information, advice and practical support to alleviate poverty and abuse. We are a registered charity providing support to people living in Leicester and Leicestershire and our service is open to everyone.

Our mission is to enable women to become financially resilient by equipping them with the skills they need to secure a confident financial future. We provide grants to organisations and work with selected partners to help women overcome financial adversity.

We exist to draw in and distribute funding to the women and girls sector, to strengthen organisations and to use our voice to achieve change.

Being disabled can bring additional challenges to parenting. Everyone’s circumstances are different, of course, but here we share some information you may find useful if you’re a disabled single parent.

Birth Companions works to improve the lives of women and babies who experience inequality and disadvantage. We provide services for women and babies, and work to create positive change in the maternity, criminal justice, social care and immigration systems.

Bloody Good Employers is our workplace training and accreditation programme - improving culture, communications and policies around periods.

Websites: Gynaecological health support


Women’s Health Concern (WHC), established in 1972 and the patient arm of the BMS since 2012. WHC provides a confidential, independent service to advise, inform and reassure women about their gynaecological, sexual and post reproductive health.

We are the only UK charity funding all of women's reproductive and gynaecological health.