Ultimate Cyclical Living Guide

About this course

Are you ready to harness your hormones and feel amazing.

If only we were taught this at school! Understanding about your cycle and learning to live around the seasons is an increadible way of optimising your energy levels, mood and support your hormonal fluctuations.

Understanding your seasons also helps you start to notice when things start to change meaning you can seek support sooner rather than suffering.

Even if you are postmenopausal or acyclical this booklet can still help you. Monitor yourself around the moon starting tracking mood, energy levels and.. anything else you notice starting on thwe full moon. You might still see a patternmeaning you can support your needs.

Its time to start to ctting yourself some slack and and honouring your fantasitc female body and her needs.

We hope you enjoy this booklet offering insight and some tips on how to live around your cycle regarding exercises, food choices, working schedules and mindset.

Down load the app for more information of cyclical living.

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