Perimenopause-Menopause: Tips for the GP Appointment

About this course

Increasing awareness of menopause and HRT has driven the demand for better care for women. Thankfully, the majority of GPs are experienced in treating and supporting women through this transition and are well placed to discuss a woman’s options for hormone therapy. It is worth asking for someone who has an interest in womens health to insure you are speaking to someone who might support your eeds.

In a 10 minute GP appointment you want to go in prepared. This simple guide provides some top tips to get the most out of your GP appointment and helps guide you through important points to discuss.

Once you have gathered your evidence of your symtptoms and have a clear picture of what is happening monthly you should be able to communicate this well with your GP.

Dont forget to look at the resources at the bottom of the handout for futher reading.

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