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Yoga For Active Birth

About this course

Empower yourself with knowledge and physical positions for an active birth and labour, and find out why this might be important for you and your baby!

As a mother-to-be, arming yourself with knowledge and physical positions can profoundly impact your birthing experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the rationale behind embracing an active approach to childbirth and how it can positively influence the labor process. Active birth techniques involve utilising movement, positions, and breathing exercises to facilitate a smoother, more comfortable delivery while empowering you to actively participate in the birthing journey.

Not only does this approach promote a sense of control and confidence during labor, but it also enhances circulation, optimises the babies position, and reduces the need for medical interventions.

Allow us to equip you with practical tools and insights to embrace an active birth, ensuring a fulfilling and empowering experience for both you and your precious little one.

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