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What Does Gut Health Mean For Female Hormones?

About this course

The gut and....hormones?! What on earth do they have to do with each other? The answer is, LOADS! Find out more here.

In this enlightening discussion, we delve into the intricate relationship between what we eat and how it impacts our hormonal balance.

Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum of Perimenopausal this video is for you.

Katy Bradbury, with her extensive expertise in nutrition, unveils the crucial role of gut health in regulating hormones, shedding light on how the foods we consume influence our body's endocrine system.

She shares practical insights and evidence-based strategies to optimise gut health and support hormonal harmony.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your overall well-being or address specific health concerns, this video promises invaluable knowledge and actionable tips to empower you on your journey to vibrant health.

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