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Postnatal Glute Work Out

About this course

Reclaiming strength and functionality in the postnatal period is essential, particularly for muscles like the glutes, which often weaken during pregnancy. This specialised workout targets the glute muscles, aiming to rebuild strength and tone after childbirth. The exercises demonstrated in the video are specifically tailored for postnatal women, making them suitable for individuals who have passed their 6-week postpartum check.

Options to use resistance bands and a mat are provided, although all movements can be performed without equipment. Safety is paramount, and modifications are offered throughout the session to ensure proper form and prevent injury. By prioritising postnatal fitness and focusing on strengthening the glutes, participants can enhance their overall functional fitness and regain confidence in their bodies after giving birth.

Join us in this empowering workout designed to help you feel strong and resilient on your postpartum journey. 30 mins