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Lower Back Yoga, twists and openers for lower and mid back

About this course

This soothing 30-minute yoga session is specifically designed to target the lower and mid back, offering relief and support for individuals in various stages of life, including preconception, the first trimester of pregnancy, and up to six months postpartum. Through a series of gentle twists and openers, this practice aims to mobilise the spine and alleviate discomfort commonly experienced in the lower back region. By incorporating mindful movements and breathwork, participants can promote flexibility, release tension, and enhance overall spinal health.

Whether you're preparing for pregnancy, navigating early pregnancy symptoms, or recovering from childbirth, this lower back yoga session provides a safe and nurturing space to care for your body and alleviate back pain. Embrace this opportunity to prioritise self-care and well-being, and experience the transformative benefits of a dedicated practice focused on supporting the lower and mid back.

Join this easeful yoga session and discover relief and comfort for your lower back and mid back.

30 mins