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Introduction To Navigating Eating Disorders In Pregnancy

About this course

Embarking on the journey of pregnancy while managing an eating disorder can present unique challenges and uncertainties.

In this informative video, we provide valuable insights, practical tips, and words of encouragement to support individuals navigating this complex chapter of their lives. We understand that the prospect of pregnancy can evoke feelings of anxiety and apprehension, especially for those with a history of eating disorders.

Our aim is to offer reassurance and guidance, empowering you to prioritise your health and well-being throughout this transformative journey.

From managing triggers and maintaining a balanced diet to seeking professional support and practicing self-care, we cover essential pregnancy tips tailored to individuals with eating disorders.

By arming yourself with knowledge and support, you can navigate pregnancy with confidence and embrace the joys of motherhood while honoring your unique needs and experiences.

Please seek professional personalised support if this is a concern of yours in pregnancy. You are not alone and help is out there to guide you forwards.

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