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Gentle Full Body Postnatal

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Achieving strength after childbirth is a gradual process, and finding gentle yet effective workouts is crucial for postnatal recovery.

This brief but impactful workout is designed specifically for new mothers, offering targeted exercises to strengthen the core muscles efficiently. With a focus on gentle movements, it provides options suitable for all stages of the postpartum journey, accommodating varying levels of strength and endurance. By prioritising the core muscles, this workout promotes stability, improves posture, and aids in the restoration of abdominal strength, essential for overall well-being after giving birth.

Whether you're in the early stages of postpartum recovery or further along in your journey, this gentle full-body postnatal workout offers valuable support and guidance to help you feel strong and empowered. Incorporate these exercises into your routine to gradually build strength and resilience as you navigate the postpartum period. 40 mins