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Express Postnatal Core Workout

About this course

In the realm of empowering women’s health, prioritising your well-being includes targeted workouts tailored to address specific needs, such as core and glutes strengthening. Lauren, our fitness instructor, guides you through an express postnatal core workout designed to rejuvenate and strengthen your core and glutes.

This efficient workout is perfect for busy moms looking to prioritise their health amidst their daily responsibilities. By focusing on core and glutes activation, you can improve stability, posture, and overall strength. Lauren's expert guidance ensures that each exercise is safe and effective for postnatal bodies, helping you regain strength and confidence after childbirth.

With a commitment to self-care and regular exercise, you can enhance your physical and mental well-being as you navigate the demands of motherhood. Incorporating this express postnatal core workout into your routine empowers you to prioritise your health and enjoy the benefits of a stronger, more resilient body.

15 mins

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