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Different types of scars

About this course

Understanding the various types of scars that can result from childbirth or other surgeries is crucial for postpartum recovery. By knowing the differences, you can better care for your scar and seek appropriate support if needed. Scar management is an essential component of rehabilitation, aiding in scar tissue remodelling and minimising potential complications.

Whether you choose to perform scar work independently or enlist the help of a professional, addressing your scar's needs can promote optimal healing and enhance overall well-being. For comprehensive guidance on post-C-section recovery and scar care, explore the resources provided by Hannah Poulton at HLP Therapies. Her expertise can offer valuable insights into feeling strong after birth and navigating the postpartum journey with confidence.

Prioritise your recovery by understanding the nuances of scar care and accessing the support you need for a smooth transition to postpartum health and wellness.

5 mins.