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Cardio and Core Postnatal

About this course

This postnatal fitness class is tailor-made for women who have recently given birth, aiming to support them in feeling strong and regaining fitness after childbirth. It's a comprehensive workout that combines cardio and core exercises, ensuring a full-body approach to postpartum fitness.

Designed specifically for women who are at least 6 weeks postpartum, this class offers a safe and effective way to increase heart rate and rebuild fitness levels. By incorporating both cardio and strength moves, it targets key areas such as endurance, core strength, and overall muscle tone.

This intermediate-level workout is suitable for postnatal women looking to progress beyond the initial recovery phase and regain their strength and stamina. Whether you're seeking to shed post-pregnancy weight, improve cardiovascular health, or simply boost energy levels, this class provides a supportive environment for achieving your fitness goals.

30 mins

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