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Baby's Movements: What is Normal?

About this course

In the realm of empowering women’s health and prioritising self-care during pregnancy, understanding the significance of baby movements is crucial. Knowing what constitutes normal fetal movement at various stages of pregnancy can provide expectant mothers with peace of mind and reassurance about their baby's well-being.

Our experienced midwife, Liz, offers valuable insights into monitoring and interpreting fetal movements, helping pregnant women recognise patterns and signals that indicate healthy fetal activity. By listening to Liz's tips, expectant mothers can gain confidence in distinguishing between normal and concerning fetal movements and know when to seek advice from their midwife or healthcare provider.

This guidance empowers pregnant women to actively participate in monitoring their baby's well-being, fostering a sense of control and confidence throughout their pregnancy journey. By prioritising their health and staying informed about their baby's movements, expectant mothers can experience greater peace of mind and enhance their overall pregnancy experience.

10 mins

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